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Coronado Students Sell Snow Cones to Support CSF – Find Them During Concerts in the Park

As many Coronadans know, the Concerts in the Park on Sunday evenings from Memorial Day to Labor Day are a fun way to spend time with family and friends enjoying live music in the warm summer air. But do you know that right across C Avenue from Spreckels Park is a small wooden booth that has positively impacted the Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF) for over a decade now? The booth is charmingly labeled “Sprekels Sno Cones” and the teens behind it give back to Coronado in the most refreshing way possible: by selling snow cones.

Addison Welsh (left) and Zuri Fowles (right) pose behind the iconic snow cone stand.

“Sprekels Sno Cones” was initially founded and manned by two Coronado teens (with various charities on the receiving end throughout the years). In 2017, as the pair packed up to go to college, management changed for the stand. Leadership was passed to Addison Welsh, currently a rising CHS senior. Welsh lives on the same block as the previous owners, so the perfect “across-the-park” location for selling the icy cones remained during the transition of power.

The booth is now being operated by four rising senior girls: Addison Welsh, Zuri Fowles, Alexa Patterson, and Maria Laguna. The girls first ran the booth the summer before sixth grade and have come together each Sunday for every summer since. After graduation, Welsh plans to pass the stand to another young local who ideally lives on the same block as well.

It is a priority for the young entrepreneurs that a big percentage of the proceeds be donated to CSF. A small part is used to buy supplies to keep the stand going. The money is donated to CSF at the end of the summer concert season.

Zuri Fowles shapes the ice into a perfect dome for selling.

Welsh comments that her favorite part of doing the snow cone stand each year is “spending time with friends and being able to get to know the community better.”

Concert-goers and Coronado community members can find the stand across the street from Spreckels Park on C Avenue on Sunday evenings. The snow cone stand runs from 6pm to whenever the concert wraps up. Beginning with the August 20th concert though, the stand will begin selling at 5pm because the concerts start earlier for the last three shows of the season.

The snow cones are $2 each and you can get multiple flavors in a cone. Blue raspberry, sour apple, watermelon, and grape are just a few of the many options. Customers can feel free to mix-and-match flavors to create a rainbow in their ice. When asked what her favorite combination of syrups is, Welsh says, “blue raspberry and cherry!”

Purchasing a snow cone is an easy way to help these business-savvy students and give back to the community while enjoying a sweet, cold treat. Stop by and say hi on Sunday and enjoy a Sprekels Sno Cone! The full concert schedule for 2023 can be found here.


“Sprekels Sno Cones” at Coronado Concerts in the Park

Maria Laguna
Maria Laguna
Maria Laguna is student at Coronado High School and has lived in San Diego her whole life. She is an officer to numerous clubs on campus, including: Feminist Club, Creative Writing Club, and Activism Book Club. Maria is also very involved with community service. Her passions include fashion, reading, writing, and travel. She shows her love of literature by being a Coronado Public Library volunteer in her free time and working on her own novella. She has always loved doing activities that let her express herself creatively. Maria plans to study fashion and writing after graduating from Coronado High in 2024. Have a story for The Coronado Times to cover? Send news tips or story ideas to: [email protected]