Thursday, September 28, 2023

CoSA Senior Showcases – Musical Theatre and Drama and Instrumental Music – June 5

As the school year wraps up, Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) is bidding goodbye to their talented class of 2023 and is inviting the community to attend two shows to support the soon-to-be graduates.

Musical Theatre and Drama

On June 5th at 7 pm, the Coronado School of the Arts Musical Theatre and Drama (MTD) department will have their senior showcase. Anyone can come check out the student talent at this event in the Coronado Performing Arts Center at Coronado High School.

Moreover, this showcase consists of a medley of musical numbers that the seniors will perform. The medleys will include singing, tap, jazz, ballet, and musical theater tunes.

“The audience should expect a fun production showcasing a diverse array of what the musical theater and drama students have been working on this past semester,” says Lauryn McGuire, CoSA MTD senior. McGuire has been in CoSA MTD for all four years of high school.

McGuire adds, “I feel sad that this is my last performance with my conservatory because I’ll miss being on stage with all my friends and working hard rehearsing for performances.” Although, she notes how happy she is for being able to have all these opportunities and how she can look back on her CoSA experience “with pride.”

Students and the rest of the Coronado community can come to see the seniors shine at this performance to show support for CoSA MTD. All community members will surely have a fun evening seeing these young actors sing and dance.

Instrumental Music

The CoSA Instrumental Music conservatory will be having their senior recital on June 5th at 6pm in the Black Box Theatre. Community members, parents, and students in the audience can expect to hear a variety of genres since each senior performer got the opportunity to pick pieces that best represent their musical interests. The recital will consist of seniors performing musical pieces, either solo or in select groups since this recital holds a focus on the graduating class of 2023.

“This senior recital will be a unique demonstration of the talents of these specific musicians. Unlike Instrumental Music’s typical recital, this performance is dedicated to the performers and meant to show what they have learned and how their musical personality has developed in CoSA,” says Elek Rothrock, CoSA junior.

The senior recital is unlike other concerts CoSA has done before. This is because the senior recital lets the seniors choose their own musical body to perform. Seniors are also given the choice to select the ensemble they perform with. So, the recital is not only their final show with CoSA instrumental music, but the one where seniors are have the most free rein to express their relationship with music.

The community is invited to attend the senior recital to watch what music truly means to the graduating seniors. It’s a supportive way to bid the seniors farewell as they move on from CoSA and Coronado High.

In conclusion, both of these performances are the last opportunity to see the graduating class of 2023 perform before they move on past their secondary education. Enjoy the arts and support CoSA conservatories – it will surely be a brilliant array of musical and performing talent.

Maria Laguna
Maria Laguna
Maria Laguna is student at Coronado High School and has lived in San Diego her whole life. She is an officer to numerous clubs on campus, including: Feminist Club, Creative Writing Club, and Activism Book Club. Maria is also very involved with community service. Her passions include fashion, reading, writing, and travel. She shows her love of literature by being a Coronado Public Library volunteer in her free time and working on her own novella. She has always loved doing activities that let her express herself creatively. Maria plans to study fashion and writing after graduating from Coronado High in 2024. Have a story for The Coronado Times to cover? Send news tips or story ideas to: [email protected]