Friday, December 1, 2023

Rotary Recognizes and Honors First Responders

Rotary President LuAnn Miller bestowed Honorary Membership to Coronado Fire Chief Mike Blood and Coronado Police Chief Chuck Kaye.

Honorary Membership is the highest distinction that the Rotary Club of Coronado can give to non-members. At a recent meeting at the Coronado Yacht Club, more than 100 Rotary members gathered to celebrate and appreciate First Responders.

“The dedication to the Coronado community of Fire Chief Mike Blood and Police Chief Chuck Kaye proudly represent all the men and women of the Fire Department, Life Guards, and Police Department that serve under them in keeping our community safe. Your departments exemplify Rotary’s motto of service above self that we all live by,” said Rotary President Miller.

Rotary Clubs often rally together to help support and donate for causes that can help solve important medical and urgent needs. These clubs help the funding needed to make a difference. From the Rotary Low Tide Ride & Stride Fundraisers in 2021 and 2022, the club also gave checks for a total of $53,870 to the Rotary Firefighters’ Home and the First Responders Children’s Foundation.

Rotary Firefighters’ Home

Coronado Rotary members connected with the Rotary Club of Memorial Spring Branch (Houston) USA. Irene Hickey and Lindsey Kroll from Houston received the donation from Rotary President Miller and Coronado Rotary Low Tide Ride & Stride.

The Rotary Firefighters’ Home non-profit organization exists because the most common work-related illness that a firefighter gets is cancer. Firefighters are at an increased risk for developing cancer due to the smoke and hazardous chemicals they are exposed to in the line of duty, often facing unique medical needs due to their exposure to toxins and hazardous chemicals. Coronado Rotary members connected with the Rotary Club of Memorial Spring Branch (Houston) USA and two of their members.

The Rotary Firefighters’ Home is located near the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Medical Center, the largest cancer center in the United States. Coronado Rotary’s donation covers the cost of an apartment at the Firefighters Home for two years.

1st Responders Children’s Foundation

The First Responders Children’s Foundation started 2001 in response to the September 11 attack. The organization based in New York City is now in almost every state. It provides grants and scholarships to the children of First Responders and now includes applications from children of other first Responders.

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