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Coronado Junior Lifeguards Complete Buoy Swim with Mayor Richard Bailey

Junior Lifeguards with Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey after the buoy swim

Mayor Richard Bailey spent the morning Wednesday visiting the Coronado Beach Junior Lifeguard Program for their buoy swim. The three week Junior Guard (often called JG) experience has been an outlet for kids from simply building water confidence at the beach to pursuing a career as a lifeguard.  

Excitement could be seen on everyone’s faces as they watched the mayor hike his way up the sand dunes on his way to join them for the swim to the buoy and back. After Mayor Bailey met the different assistants, leaders, and kids, it was time to start.  

They began by executing a quick warm up running down the beach and bear crawling before hitting the water for the challenging buoy swim. Bailey joined in as everyone dove into the waves. In order to make it to the buoy and back, strong strokes against the current were necessary for the endeavor. On their way back in, the JGs returned to the beach celebrating by forming a tunnel for the last few kids to run through.  

When asked about meeting everyone and the swim, Bailey shared, “Really great experience, it was neat to see how the younger kids look up to the older kids who then eventually look up to the actual lifeguards. You can see that mentorship trickles down. The kids kicked my butt on the swim out to the buoy, so it was a bit humbling too.”

It turns out that most Coronado Lifeguards have gone through the JG program. Abigail Hudley, who is a current Coronado Lifeguard, revealed that she started out like many other local kids joining Junior Guards, and eventually worked her way up.

Ages for the program range from 9-17 and are divided into three groups, A’s (14-17), B’s (12-13) and C’s (9-11). Once a Junior Lifeguard is older and more experienced, they have the opportunity to become a Cadet. Fourteen year old Sophia Kelly, who is a current Cadet, explains how she joined the program last year as an A. She had a blast, and now, after passing the test, is happily assisting this summer.

In addition to all the important safety and training taught, JGs are able to undertake anything beach related. From kayaking to beach volleyball and ultimate frisbee, the program aims to give an opportunity for lifelong activities.

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Kaylee Smith
Kaylee Smith
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