Saturday, January 28, 2023

50th Anniversary of Earth Day Coronado Challenge

Emerald Keepers thinks it's a good time to start thinking about the 50th Anniversary of EARTH DAY — April 22nd, and we have a 50th Anniversary Earth Day Coronado Challenge! With everyone home, there is no better time to think about being more sustainable.

Emerald Keepers logoThank you for your commitment to a more sustainable future. Here is what you need to do to earn your hand-crafted, repurposed, art deco Emerald Keepers sign.

  1. Sign Emerald Keepers online pledge to join Emerald Keepers:

Emerald Keepers Pledge: As an Emerald Keeper of Coronado and the world, I pledge to reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse. In doing so, I will work to eliminate single-use plastics in my daily life. I will walk or ride my bike more often and pick up three pieces of trash every day. Commit to 30 of the 50 best practices listed below.

2. Email [email protected] when you have signed our Pledge and committed to 30 best practices. Please provide your name, address & phone number. Indicate whether you prefer a yard or hanging sign. One per household. Coronado residents only.

3. A team member will deliver your sign.

Please consider a donation of $10 or more to help defray our costs. Consider being an Earth Hero by donating $50 for the 50th.


  • Say no to plastic bottles. Take your reusable bottle with you every day.
  • Carry and use your Emerald Keepers bamboo utensil set. Order yours online
  • Say no to plastic straws today and every day.
  • Eat less meat. Meat production is one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the planet due to excessive water use, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and habitat destruction.
  • Switch your bills to paperless and pay household bills online.
  • Look for products that have less plastic packaging. Choose cans over plastic containers.
  • Recycle your newspapers and/or consider requesting your newspapers arrive online.
  • Pack lunch items in reusable containers.
  • Buy items in bulk and avoid single serving packages with excessive individualized packaging. Your choices matter.
  • Use e-tickets rather than printing.


  • Join a beach clean-up or do your own. What if 100 people cleaned the beach each day?
  • Visit a second hand store or garage sale — reuse rather than buy new. Coronado loves garage sales!
  • Buy organic. Conventional farming methods often rely on pesticides that pollute and damage ecosystems.
  • Don’t flush medicines down the toilet. Take them to the Police Department.
  • Don’t idle your car engine. Turn it off when the car is stopped for more than a minute.
  • Avoid aggressive acceleration and deceleration when driving. Gentle acceleration and braking can save more than $1 per gallon, according to the U.S. EPA.
  • Use cruise control when highway driving if possible; this helps maintain efficiency and saves money.
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood. Do not walk past trash. If not you, then who?
  • Visit a local farmers market.
  • Scoop dog poop, so it stays out of the storm drains.
  • Visit the Coronado Public Library rather than buying a book or video.
  • Attend Emerald Keepers’ screening of Chasing Coral on August 29. Tickets information is available on our website: or Event Bright.
  • Participate in our Emerald Community Read: The Death and Life of Monterey Bay: A Story of Revival by Stephen R. Palumbi and Carolyn Sotka.


  • Transition to LED lights. The next time a bulb burns out, replace it with LED instead.
  • Use Low-Flow faucets and toilets.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water to save energy.
  • Turn off power switches. Unplug appliances when not in use. You will save energy and money.
  • Contact SDG&E to ask about their EcoChoice and EcoShare renewable energy programs so you may request your energy be from renewable sources.
  • Clean greener. Many cleaning products are toxic to our health. Choose non-toxic cleaners.
  • Don’t heat or air-condition an empty home. Program your thermostat to function only when people are in the house.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries and dispose of old batteries properly with the City.
  • Buy houseplants.
  • Only run full laundry loads and dishwasher cycles.
  • Stop using toxin-loaded dryer sheets.
  • Create art from recycled materials.


  • Carry your reusable grocery bags and use them.
  • Use your reusable vegetable / fruit bags when shopping. Don’t have any? Order some today.
  • Don’t waste food. Approximately ⅓ of all food produced goes to waste. Food waste ranks as the third top emitter of carbon emissions. Get creative with leftover food instead of throwing away what can still be used.
  • Say no to plastic wrap and baggies. Use a reusable container or reusable beeswax wraps or silicone bags.
  • Repurpose and reuse household items. Use glass jars and bottles for storing food.
  • Clean your refrigerator coils; vacuum the dust and wipe with a damp cloth to improve function.
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper.
  • Avoid plastic products when entertaining. Use reusable dishes, glasses/mugs, and utensils
  • Don’t dispose of grease in your sink.


  • Start a compost.
  • Grow some of your own vegetables.
  • Rake your yard and clean your gutters. Keep yard waste and chemicals out of our storm drains. It all ends up in the ocean. Use non-toxic insecticides.
  • Use an electric yard blower and an electric lawn mower.
  • Reduce lawn fertilizers and avoid pesticides.
  • Plant a tree in your yard.

To receive your Emerald Keepers sign:

Email [email protected] when you have signed our Pledge and committed to 30 best practices. Please provide your name, address, & phone number. Indicate whether you want a yard or hanging sign. A team member will deliver your sign. One per household. Coronado residents only.

Commemorative signs are made from repurposed wood and branded by fellow Emerald Keepers. Please place your sign in your yard or hang it on your door or in a window for all to see.