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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

COVID-19 in San Diego: Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)

CHS Surf Team Performs Well in Ocean Beach, Beats Canyon Crest

CHS Surf Team that competed in Ocean Beach. Photo: Elsie Hammond

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Coronado High School beat Canyon Crest 51-37 to win the Division 2 team competition held at Ocean Beach on November 3rd.

Ben Ruef practices “planting 10”. Photo: Elsie Hammond

Competitors were bundled up in hoodies and beanies as parents juggled their coffee while tying a knot in the jersey of their surfer.  Throughout the day, surfers would rush in and out to check heat times, switch boards and find out the results of the completed heats.  Passing a football and doing handstands on the beach also helped to keep warm between events.

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To prepare for this contest, Anthony Dick (team captain) told us his pre-surf contest routine, “I always try to stretch and get loose the day before and have a focused mindset.”

Heat Highlights:

In the first longboard heat of the day, Shane Gillard and Joseph Williamson finished 1st and 3rd to move on to round two, while Luke Johnson finished 4th, just missing the cut.  Shane Gillard made it to the semi-finals in the longboard division.

Shortboarders Ben Ruef, Shane Gillard, Tommy Loutzenheiser and Kaiden Girdner out-surfed their opponents and also moved on to the next round.  Anthony Dick and David Norris competed hard and earned points for their team.  Shane Gillard, Kaiden Girdner, Ben Ruef, Joseph Williamson and Tommy Loutzenheiser made it to the quarterfinals in the shortboard division.

From left to right: Zoe Searles, Lexi Hammond, Marianna Dick, Rylie Brenden and Jordan Alstad. Photo: Elsie Hammond

Coach Mike Gillard giving pointers to Jesse Crawford.  Photo:  Elsie Hammond.

Alexis “Lexi” Hammond and Jessie Crawford competed in the women’s shortboard heat placing 1st and 4th with Alexis moving on. In the women’s longboard competition, Zoe Searles and Rylie Brenden placed 1st and 2nd in their heat moving on as well.  By the end of the competition, Zoe Searles made it to the semi-finals.  Rylie Brenden and Alexis Hammond made it to the quarterfinals.

Coach Mike Gillard shared:  “Stand outs include Ben, Anthony, Tommy, Kaiden, Shane, Alexis, Jesse, Zoe, Rylie, Luke, Joe, David and Marianna. The waves were 2 to 4 feet and the weather couldn’t have been better Special thanks to all the parents for their help and support.”

Zoe Searles got to the semi-finals of the longboard division. Photo: Elsie Hammond

Islander ladies prepare to enter the water. Photo:  Elsie Hammond

From left to right, Joseph Williamson, Luke Johnson, and Shane Gillard.

Shane Gillard taking this wave all the way in.  Shane advanced all the way to the semi-final in the longboard division.

With a handful of a new incoming groms and returning team members, Anthony is excited about the Scholastic Surf Series season.  Out of the water, Anthony plans on having Monday night “bowling on base” to help unify the team.

CHS Surf Team went bowling on base and munched some McDonald’s to build team unity. Photo:  Lexi Hammond


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Joseph Williamson
Joseph Williamson
Joseph and his family moved from Chula Vista to Coronado during elementary school. He immediately acclimatized by picking up surfing on his first day on the "island". When not covering CHS Sports, he enjoys surfing, skateboarding and making skate videos with his friends. Joseph is a Digital Art Student in CoSA and loves to travel. Have a story for The Coronado Times to cover? Send news tips or story ideas to:


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