The Holiday Season at the Hotel Del Coronado

ice skating at the Hotel del Coronado

The Hotel del Coronado’s oceanfront Windsor lawn began to transform into the annual ice skating rink in late November. It is open for visitors and locals that continue to enjoy the unique opportunity to ice skate practically on the beach. With Christmas music echoing all around, it’s accompanied by the sound of the distant waves hitting the sand.

holiday lights at the Hotel del Coronado


The beautiful Christmas lights illuminate the Hotel Del since they made their highly anticipated traditional appearance in early December. The lights aren’t the only thing that accompanies the holiday spirit. Many decorations can be found all around the hotel, such as this sweet family of happy bears. 

winter bears at the Hotel del CoronadoBut what seems to be gaining the most attraction from locals and visitors alike this year is the unusual and unmistakable upside-down Christmas tree in the center of the main hotel lobby. As most notice, and wonder about, the tree is not hanging from the ceiling, but is solely being supported from the bottom. What do you think?

upside down Christmas tree at the Hotel del CoronadoMany families and friends participate in another fun pastime on the beach, as they gather around a beach firepit adjacent to the ice skating rink and enjoy roasting marshmallows and listing to the holiday music. Click for info on the Jingle Roast.

beach firepit and s'mores at the Hotel del CoronadoDuring the Del’s annual holiday festival, numerous family activities and games were setup in tents just across from the ice skating rink.

holiday festival at the Hotel del CoronadoOne of Coronado’s many talented resident musicians, Gonzo, can be often seen and heard in the heart of the hotel. For many years now his music has been enjoyed by thousands of residents and tourists.

Gonzo at the Hotel del CoronadoHere’s wishing you a very happy holiday season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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