Blue Bridge Hospitality to Buy Vigilucci’s Ristorante in Coronado

Vigilucci’s will soon be under new ownership. Blue Bridge Hospitality is purchasing the restaurant.

The popular Italian cuisine restaurant Vigilucci’s will soon be under new ownership. Blue Bridge Hospitality is purchasing the restaurant. While they haven’t closed escrow yet, because they are waiting on the transfer of the ABC license from the State of California, BBH Owner David Spatafore says he’s excited about acquiring this staple in local Italian cuisine.

David Spatafore
David Spatafore, Blue Bridge Hospitality Owner

“As a native and a resident of Coronado I am focused on quality, variety and giving back to this community,” says Spatafore. “We are buying the restaurant for a couple reasons. Vigilucci’s is a successful, popular restaurant, and the owner offered to sell it to BBH — as he would like to focus on opportunities in North County where he currently operates four restaurants.”


Vigilucci’s will become the largest restaurant in the BBH group, which means the size of the space will allow it to accommodate much larger groups and events than its other venues.

Vigilucci's logoAdditionally, Spatafore says this deal marks the first time his company has ever taken over a previously successful property. “We are retaining the staff, and have no current plans in place to make changes to the menu, happy hour, piano bar, etc. until we thoroughly understand each and every aspect of existing operations,” he states. “We aim to work closely with the current chef, management and staff to ensure good decisions are being made for the business and its customers.”

“The research and development for our concepts is an ongoing process,” says Spatafore. “Opening the doors is only the beginning. It’s important to our collective to experience what others are doing within San Diego and abroad — to keep learning and educating our team.”

Blue Bridge Hospitality logo

Recently, Spatafore took to a local Facebook Group page to ‘set the record straight’ on the status of the restaurant and what the change in ownership means for the community.

“Blue Bridge Hospitality is different than most in that we have a very unique, deep-rooted commitment to our surrounding Coronado community combined with a passion for quality and authenticity,” says Spatafore. “Our BBH chefs and I recently embarked on a multi-day culinary tour of New York City’s most revered Italian restaurants. We’re driven to uncover what exactly makes a ‘great restaurant’ great and bring all the best elements of our dining experiences to BBH’s variety of concepts.”

Whether Spatafore is traveling the globe to research various cuisines or flying in premium quality meat to supply his restaurants, he’s committed to providing forward-thinking concepts, engaging and authentic experiences, and quality food that awakens customers’ senses. “We go to great lengths to bring the BEST back home,” he emphasizes.

Liberty Public Market sign
The Marquee at Liberty Public Market

The group, which is the managing partner and co-developer of the new Liberty Public Market in Liberty Station, San Diego, owns fourteen successful businesses throughout San Diego. BBH is an innovative restaurant group with a portfolio of eight distinct concepts located in Coronado, California, which includes Vigilucci’s, Stake Chophouse & Bar, Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge, MooTime Creamery, Village Pizzeria (two locations), Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q, and Coronado Coffee Company.

Contrary to speculation, Blue Bridge Hospitality doesn’t own any of the properties it has restaurants on. “I wish we did,” says Spatafore. “We pay rent like everyone else and strive to make the best business we can.”

Vigilucci’s Ristorante is located at 1300 Orange Ave, Suite 200, Coronado, California 92118.

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