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Coronado Starbucks Reopens After Massive Remodel

Starbucks is located at 960 Orange Avenue in Coronado

After two and a half weeks of having its doors closed to the public for a massive remodel, Starbucks, in Coronado, is officially back open. The major coffee chain reopened on Monday, September 26, 2016 at approximately 4:30 PM.

According to shift supervisor Anthony Bueno, the coffee shop was scheduled to reopen over the weekend, but, due to a few setbacks, Starbucks’ reopening occurred a little later than expected.

Starbucks counter
More spacious bar and counter area

The space was gutted and renovated from the ground up. “Everything you see is new,” says Bueno. Bueno, who has been working at the Coronado location for two years, says the remodel was necessary to improve the connection between customers and staff.

Anthony Bueno
Anthony Bueno, Shift Supervisor at Starbucks in Coronado, has been working for Starbucks for over two and a half years

“It’s something that was very well needed,” says Bueno. “As employees, we definitely had some input in the renovation. Starbucks wanted to make things more practical for us and the community.”

Included in the renovation was an expanded bar and counter area. “This makes for an easier connection with our community,” says Bueno.

Starbucks wall
New brick walls, tables, chairs, light fixtures, and artwork were included in the renovation

Additionally, the brick walls, artwork, light fixtures, flooring, and seating are new. While many customers are raving about the new and improved coffee shop, others are less enthusiastic about the store’s aesthetic facelift.

Starbucks interior
New facing and artwork on walls throughout the store

“They could have utilized expenses in a better way,” says Hans Gunder, a frequent customer at Starbucks.

Gunder says the new chairs are uncomfortable to sit in and need cushions.

Starbucks exterior
Some customers are unhappy with the bare “uncomfortable” seats

“One of the very first coffee shops that was ever opened was designed for people to gather and converse about everything that was going on. People could stick around for long periods of time. This place isn’t designed for that at all,” says Gunder. “It’s the complete opposite of what original coffee shops were designed to be.”

starbucks interior bar
Customers peruse the menu board and display case.

Bueno says he has heard positive feedback from customers since the grand unveiling. “Everything has been positive. Starbucks is very good about listening to what the community has to say. We will continue to receive feedback and make adjustments. Things around here are always changing.”

Starbucks artwork
Exterior artwork at Starbucks

Starbucks is located at 960 Orange Avenue, hence the giant 960 painted on the exterior seating area, and open Sunday through Thursday from 4:00 AM to 10:30 PM and on Friday and Saturday from 4:00 AM to 11:30 PM.



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