Thursday, October 6, 2022

ParkLife June Roundup


The summer real estate season is officially in swing! The Coronado community is buzzing not only with school-aged children but also with families taking up the hunt for their new home and empty nesters looking to downsize.

This is our third ParkLife Monthly Roundup, keeping you up to date with all the happenings of the Coronado real estate market.

June saw 31 homes close, just shy of the 38 that closed in May. The slight uptick in May is one of the many reminders that the Coronado Market doesn’t always follow national trends. Our phenomenal yearlong weather makes for a great house-hunting season all year.

The grand total included 13 condos, 16 single-family residences, and 2 townhouses. A large majority of the homes were in the Village, a total of 18. They Cays followed with 9 and the Shores with 4.

Below you’ll find more insights into each of the homes sold.

If you’re thinking about moving to our charming community or contemplating making a housing change, partner with one of our ParkLife agents today! Each agent specializes in our unique Coronado market, giving you a competitive edge in your hunt for the perfect home. 

June ParkLife RoundUp