Community Voices: Coronado’s $13,261.93 Per Capita Redevelopment Debt is Highest in County

Coronado has the highest per capita redevelopment debt in our entire county. Our town went overboard and incurred massive redevelopment debt beginning around 1985. Since the state ended redevelopment on 1 February 2012, Coronado taxpayers are left holding the bag.

In order to see how Coronado compares to other cities in San Diego county, we spent some time and crunched the numbers relating to our total remaining redevelopment debt.

. . .

We then put data into the following one bar graph and three tables.

Here’s the bar graph, which is self-explanatory:

The first table below shows that Coronado is the third smallest city in San Diego county in terms of population. Yet we have more redevelopment debt per capita than the county of San Diego, and the cities of Los Angeles and San Jose. In addition, we come rather close to the per capita redevelopment debt of San Francisco. Note that Encinitas and Del Mar have no redevelopment debt because they declined to declare their towns blighted so they never formed a redevelopment agency. Unlike us, Del Mar and Encinitas have no redevelopment debt and none of the problems that come with it.

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-Barbara Denny

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