Coronado Adventures, The Scavenger Hunts Begin June 2nd

Coronado Adventures

“What’s there to do in Coronado?” is a question Tom Geldart gets asked many, many times at Bistro d’Asia. Now he’s got a new answer- Coronado Adventures: an Action Adventure Scavenger Hunt Bike Tour of the island. Tom Geldart and Jamie Johnson came together on this project with a clear vision of having an “Amazing Race” style adventure. They left open all the different ways they could make this happen, personalize it, expand and elevate it.

Many people find themselves inside or glued to their phone. The heart of Coronado Adventures is to bring back the good old times, while incorporating technological advancements. Tom and Jamie are both locals and designed Coronado Adventures with tourists in mind, to give them a local’s experience. While the target audience is visitors and tourists, locals can also have a blast on the adventures. Tom envisions the business for adventurers to “open your eyes to what’s around you. Even if you’re a local and you walk by things every day.” For those who aren’t as Coronado savvy, he says that Coronado Adventures “makes everyone a bit of a local, even if you don’t live here.”

Partnering with tens of businesses across Coronado, Tom and Jamie have created the adventures to be fun for participants while also attracting newcomers to other Coronado businesses.

Along with stops and tasks at some of the businesses, Tom and Jamie are also including local Coronado talent into the adventure. “There is a lot of hidden talent in Coronado,” the pair explain, “we want to be out of the box and we have open arms to anyone in town that wants to volunteer to be a part of the fun.” While they share some of their ideas (looking at you Coronado Speed Spinners), many remain under wraps for the adventurers to discover themselves!

Coronado Adventures begins at the Ferry Landing’s star circle and takes adventurers all around the island. Racers are provided a military style back pack full of supplies they will need. Part of the fun is not knowing how you will use the items until it is time. There is also an optional “Battle Mode” which adds Laser Tag to the Adventure tour! Coronado Adventures will also have a Google style map that shares history and information, clues, and directions. Coronado Adventures have partnered with Holland’s Bikes to provide bikes for the adventurers use. After a variety of tasks: mental, physical, and combinations, adventurers will finish their race at the Hotel del Coronado with a sunset after party on the beach!

The inclusiveness of the adventure spans across families, parties, athletes, beach lovers, beer drinkers, and so on. Having different missions and stops allows for a great time adventurers can participate in again and again while having a new experience each time. Adventures come in 2.5-3 hour missions and 5-6 hour missions and up to 23 locations, with the flexibility for the customer to choose. Tom’s excitement for Coronado Adventures is obvious as he shares that it’s like, “turning Coronado into Disneyland!”

Coronado Adventures will be launching on June 2nd. This October they will be partnering with the Suicide Prevention Fundraiser organized by Seashore properties.

Check out their website here! Sign up for an adventure online or e-mail to get more information.

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