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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Community Voices: Light Pollution from Navy SEALs Complex?

Our El Camino condo overlooks the Navy SEALs complex. Some months ago a new light was installed on the back of the guard house on Coronado Beach. The light has no shade on the top so the glare is visible to everyone on that side of El Camino and the light is on all night.

Might it be possible to put a shade over the top of the light so the glare only points downward to the beach and not upward to the sky also? I used to love sitting on our balcony at night, but not with the glare from the light.

Is it possible to cap the light, please? I don’t know whom to ask about this so thought a general blog post on eCoronado might be the best way to reach whomever is responsible for that light. Thanks!