Thursday, October 6, 2022

Community Voices: New Bike Parking Uptown

You can lead a horse to water…

The City, at the request of the Bicycle Advisory Committee, has installed some new bike racks on the sidewalks in the uptown business district. The object is to bring a little order to the chaos of bikes being tied to just about anything that doesn’t move along Orange.

We thought they’d be intuitively obvious to use, but many of you have NOT figured them out. The bicycle-shaped ones seem to be self-explanatory, but the fifteen bike docks are giving the bike-riding public a new challenge.

Here’s a tip: When you are thinking of locking your bike to a bike dock look down. See that wheel-well? That’s where your front wheel goes. The wheel-wells are offset so two bikes can be locked without tangling the handlebars. You do not need to use a kick-stand. Your U-lock will secure your bike through the wheel and down-tube, or just to the down-tube. The bike dock is plastic coated and won’t scratch your bike.

Finally, if you’re still stumped, and you have a smartphone there is the little squiggley UPC code on the bike dock that will link you to instructions posted on the City’s website.

Thanks for riding your bike, thanks for your support, and thanks for helping us keep the bike parking under control.

Photos courtesy the City of Coronado website.