Sunday, November 27, 2022

Community Voices: Prop E Quiz for CUSD

CUSD and the Yes on E crowd published their own Pop Quiz last week. They came up with the questions, and the perfect answers, and even gave themselves an A+ grade. Well here are some questions from “the other side” Re: Prop E, which we sincerely hope will be answered quickly and publicly by Jeff Felix and the CUSD Board:

  1. Of the $29 Million tax proposed, exactly how much will be allocated to Facilities? To Maintenance? To Technology? To Debt Service?

  2. Since all Coronado Schools have nearly new buildings, why is so much money needed again for Facilities and Maintenance?

  3. Since CUSD just spent $2.9 Million (6/11-9/13) for Technology, including computer hardware/software/networks, why do you need so much money again?

  4. Specifically, what Debts will be repaid, and how much will be paid for Principle? For Interest? For Fees?

  5. If CUSD administration is truly right-sized with Superintendents, Directors and Principals, and salaries are below average, why does CUSD spend so much money ($4.1 Million over 27 months) for Professional and Consulting Services?

  6. Your website only lists 24 CUSD employees. What is the total number of non-teacher personnel employed by CUSD?

  7. CUSD spends large amounts for Consulting ($4.1M over 27 months); Technology ($2.9M); Contracted Services ($1.7M); BBMAC Pool ($722K); Travel/Conferences ($287K); Restaurant-made Pizza & Chinese Food ($241K); and this is only 40 percent of your budget. Can’t some of this spending be cut to help offset your deficit?

  8. Can CUSD guarantee the parcel tax won’t cost any more than $40 per $100,000 assessed value; if not, how much could it cost?

  9. If many will pay less than $255 average per year, won’t there also be many who will pay more?

  10. Shouldn’t homeowners decide what is or is not a WISE INVESTMENT for their own money?

  11. You say all teachers, parents, military and business leaders support Prop E; don’t many of them live in San Diego and won’t vote on a Coronado proposition?

  12. CUSD still owns 2.3 acres of land from the old Glorietta School, now occupied by Coronado Retirement Village and Villa Coronado, and that land must be worth at least $40 million. Why not sell the land, or mortgage the property as you did with our Middle School, instead of taxing all Coronado homeowners?

  13. Parents of 300 transfer students at CUSD (10%), and renters with kids at CUSD, won’t pay any parcel tax. Absentee owners will pay the parcel tax, but their kids won’t benefit. And homeowners without kids at CUSD will pay for everyone else. Isn’t the parcel tax system inequitable and unfair for some, and a free ride for others?