Thursday, October 6, 2022

Community Voices: What I learned from Prop.E…(shhh, for seniors only)

The arguments of the “Yes on E” folks were relentless. They belittled and bashed the naysayers to no end. The VOTERS had the final word about CUSD needing more money to run Coronado schools. They said NO. But let’s go back and analyze a statement from the Yes’ers. “Great schools increase property values”. Well, maybe for a school-age child’s parent, that makes sense. But who are the WEALTHIEST among us? It is the seniors. Here is MY plan:

1. Give the schools the BARE minimum tax dollars, as required by state/federal law, to run the schools.

2. Have NO special programs, classes, classrooms, facilities or employees (ie. hire average superintendents, district staff, school staff and teachers).

4. Provide Coronado residents a BASIC public education system; absolutely NO frills.

5. Take that money saved and use it to improve the hospital and build facilities/services that attract the WEALTHIEST Americans; the seniors.

6. Invite top-notch PRIVATE schools and offer incentives to open facilities in Coronado so PARENTS can pay the costs of their children’s first-class education and their kids can attend right here on the Island.

This approach will LOWER the number of off-island children attending our public schools that are not paying property taxes here to support the school. It will encourage top private schools to relocate and/or open new schools here. And the paramount reason will be to increase the value of ALL property in Coronado. The improved hospital and new senior services/facilities will attract a new block of home buyers to our Island; the richest. I’m open for comments.