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Chef Patrick Ponsaty’s New Role at the Hotel del Coronado

Following much success and fanfare at 1500 OCEAN, Chef Patrick Ponsaty will broaden his culinary horizons on property as Executive Sous Chef of Hotel...

We Don’t Need A Taxpayer-Funded Coronado Senior Association

Submitted by Barry AustinBefore the City built the John D. Spreckels Center, it hired an organization that was known as the “Senior Center” to...

Coronado Beaches Closed Due to Sewage Contaminated Runoff from Tijuana River

On December 7 the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health (DEH) extended the beach closures northward to include Coronado due in part to Thursday's...
Photo by Photo credit: Patti Perret - © 2018 Universal Studios

“Green Book” – An Intriguing Tale of Friendship

Sorry to have missed seeing the advance screening of Green Book at the Coronado Island Film Festival, I was glad when it came back...