Prevent the 6-Second Garage Break In With A Zip Tie

    Residents who invest $ 5 in zip ties and know how to use them in their garage can prevent the 6-second garage break in.

    Between Austin and San Antonio, in San Marcos, TX, there are clever thieves. Residents of San Marcos are victims of the 6-second garage break in.

    Here’s how it works: One thief breaks into the garage. This trips the alarm. The police arrive at the scene to investigate. They find no evidence of break in. There are no doors ajar, no open windows. Nothing. The house appears intact.

    Meanwhile, the thief waits silently in the garage, hidden from view. His accomplice waits in his vehicle near the house until the police leave. Then the accomplice drives to the scene of the crime and helps carry out valuables from the garage and attached house. They load up their vehicle and drive away with your personal property.

    Don’t let this happen in Coronado. Whether or not your garage is attached to your house, you’re at risk of being a victim of a 6-second garage break in.

    By investing $ 5 in zip ties, and taking a minute to secure your garage, you can prevent this crime.

    If you want to learn how to secure your garage with a zip tie in order to prevent this crime, then click here.

    Be safe, Coronado.

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