Saturday, May 8, 2021

Meet Katie Hunt – CHS Yearbook Editor-in-Chief

Katie Hunt (left, in red; pictured with sister Jackie) is a senior at Coronado High School and the lead editor of the award-winning Coronado High School Beachcomber Yearbook. Scroll down to learn more about this special Islander!

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What is your Coronado story?

My dad used to be in the Navy and has been stationed at NAS North Island three different times. I was born in Coronado, came back again at the age of eight, and came back yet again at the age of thirteen. Since then, my dad has retired, and we have been lucky enough to stay here.

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What types of responsibilities do you have as lead yearbook editor?

Being lead yearbook editor essentially puts you in charge of everything yearbook related. I make a lot of the decisions concerning the book. Some of the responsibilities include developing the yearbook’s theme, managing coverage reports, designing the pages, making final edits on all pages, and selling the book. It is definitely a unique position and, after a few years of tremendous leadership from past yearbook editors Alexis Morabito, Kylie Galloway, and Grace Fahrenthold, I have big shoes to fill!

What are your hobbies, interests, and extracurricular activities?

Besides being a total yearbook nerd, I am a ballet dancer en pointe at Coronado Academy of Dance and the skipper of a Catalina-32′ at Navy Yacht Club San Diego. Don’t even try to cross the finish line before my crew during a regatta! I am also one of the few teenage Beatlemaniacs I know. I listen to them anytime at all, eight days a week.

What is your favorite part of living in Coronado?

My favorite thing about living in Coronado has to be the people. Over the years I have met some truly inspiring individuals, as well as folks who genuinely care for this community. The opportunities here in Coronado are tremendous, and there is always someone willing to help you. It has been a great community for my younger sister and me to grow up in. The weather isn’t too bad either!

What are your plans for the future?

In the future I would like to pursue a career in biology. Although I don’t yet know where this will lead, I think my brain cells and mitochondria are up for the challenge!


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