Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sidewalk Biking on Orange Avenue – Liability for City?

It’s Sunday morning just before noon and I just watched an adult riding his bike on the sidewalk in front of Starbucks run down a little girl. And the cyclist and his female companion, who was also riding her bike on the sidewalk, was absolutely indignant that the kid’s parents would let their daughter unsupervised on the sidewalk.

Why is it the “I’m entitled” attitude has become so accepted and our local law enforcement turns a blind eye to this? Yeah, this is a quaint little place and riding bikes, skateboards and scooters along Orange seems inviting and harmless enough. And at some times of the day perhaps it is. But in spite of this, and having being born and raised here and now raising two kids here, I would NEVER consider this sort of behavior. It’s rude, inconsiderate and potentially dangerous.

I predict it will not be long before this inattention and lack of proactive enforcement becomes a front-burner liability for the city.

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