How to ruin the view of Point Loma

    I’m sure everyone in Coronado has walked the boardwalk from the El Camino building to the Hotel Del. There are several nice benches along the boardwalk too where one can sit and enjoy the view of Point Loma and the activities on Coronado Beach. Have you noticed, however, that the city of Coronado has posted HUGE signs directly in front of some of the benches, ruining the view of Point Loma if you choose to sit and relax on one of the benches? Each bench is typically 5-10 feet or so away from a stairwell so it would have been possible to have put the sign by the stairwell where everyone could read it as they went down to the beach or as they walked along the boardwalk. However, instead, several of these signs are smack in front of the benches. I have no quarrel with the signs, per se, as their content is important; I just don’t understand their location. For example, the two benches directly north of the El Camino building (not the one in front of the building, thankfully, but the two up from that one) have big signs directly in front of them. Why would anyone deliberately ruin the view of Point Loma in this manner? It makes no sense to me. Is there any way this can be fixed?

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