Troubled Past Of Suspected Coronado Shooter Revealed

    10News learned Reeves, 25, was an active member of several online discussion groups, including an automotive group, but he didn’t always discuss cars.

    In a December 2010 posting, Reeves wrote: “I might come across as a nice guy, but I unintentionally screw people over on a regular basis.”

    Reeves also wrote that there were several things he wanted to change about himself, including: “I’m brutally honest” or “Sometimes I’ll say stuff that perhaps I should word more carefully or not say at all. (This generally has only gotten me in trouble with girls).”

    In another posting, Reeves said: “Whenever I try to do something nice to help people out, it goes horribly wrong, and everyone would have been better off if I just kept to myself.”

    Read the entire story here.

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